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Pussy888 is harder than you think

Pussy888 is a video game that was developed for mobile phones way back in the early start of the millennium (2003). The game is a tile-matching puzzle game similar to that of 918kiss joker. The game is one of the best puzzle games designed back then and was ported from the computer desktop to the mobile phone as soon as mobile phones were granted further power and an increase in battery life. We all knew that mobile gaming was going to be the big thing back then and this is because PC Gaming started it off first with the same launch of Insane Aquarium and these games were all the rage back then for those who love to play online and those who indulge in high maintenance games.

If you humbly play puzzle games back then, you would know that 918kiss is one of the top prioritized games that involve a frog sitting in the center of a rim that had colored balls around and you had to get more than a certain number of balls of the same color between each other to pop them. Once popping, this will tally up to your overall score but the main thing that is solely important is to keep practicing the game until you get the hang of it and they would not try to recommend this to you. Read other info here.

What Makes Pussy888 So Addictive?

Pussy888 (พุ ช ชี่ 888 ) was often renowned as one of the most addictive video games of late and can still be much fun if you try it today in 2020 as the game features the only rotation puzzle game platform that has gained so much popularity. Armed with a slot theme and the sounds of the Amazon rainforest, the game never ceases to amaze you with its multilevel structure and how the levels are arranged actively with different rims or single rim arrangements. Pussy888 can often be tiring if you are playing it at a fast pace but this game needs time to digest and enjoy – we suggest and highly recommend playing it as casually as you can as a means of getting rid of time – perfect for today’s lockdown periods that swept across many different nations.

Late Conclusion To The Mayan Themed Puzzle Game

What we want more of in Pussy888 is a different level arrangement which involves maybe a 3-dimensional arrangement where the puzzles lie on an X, Y, and Z-axis during shooting. This greatly adds to the beneficial fun factor when playing with yourself or either with friends. The game itself would be a popular hit with levels such as these and if they innovate more to the Pussy888 system, it could be a more popular game that stands to face new releases of today’s market such as Gardenscapes where they emphasize on a story-driven campaign that unlocks multiple sectors of their homes with regards to the player’s needs of choosing the right color or shape of the room’s furniture.

Last but not least in this game,

We would like to see Pussy888 ( ดาวน์โหลด pussy888 ) continue in the future but with a serious case of refresh syndrome where the game delivers its best in a puzzle system arrangement or a complete overhaul of the system to deliver a new experience solving puzzles with the iconic frog and Mayan background. There could even be multiple level maps where they could animate individual screens in the game. Alas, the game will still be what it is today, we better enjoy it before it gets lost to time just like other games shortly.


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